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Promade Lashes

The Perfect Collection of Promade Fans in Melbourne

Promade Fans are the modern, latest eyelash extensions launched in Melbourne. When it comes to eyelash extensions and brows styling, this fan works the best.

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Lssentials brings a wide collection of voluminous lashes. With the application of these beautiful fans, you can get your desired look anytime

Why Choose Promade Fans?

In Melbourne, most of the lash artists have upgraded to Promade Fans. We strive to offer the most safest and customised solutions to our clients when it comes to eyelash extensions. The fans are made of platinum silk and are heat bonded at the base. These fans are more durable on your natural lashes creating a dense look. You can also place the lashes on sensitive and damaged eyelashes.

Features of Promade Fans are listed below:

  1. 100% vegan
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Flexible and Lightweight
  4. Triple heat bonded for curls
  5. Cruelty-free

Thanks to our latest fan technique, our clients can now experience a fantastic eyelash extension experience which is more convenient than the traditional ones. Our experienced technicians use specialised tweezers to pick a bunch of false lashes and fan them by dipping their roots into the adhesive to adjust the different shapes. The thickness and curve matter the most to produce high-quality Promade Fans.

The thickness of this fan is approximately 0.07 mm which is lightweight and reduces the burden on your original eyelashes. You can get our wonderful fans with vibrant shades to meet your needs.

Top-Notch Quality Promade Lashes in Melbourne

Instead of fixing false lashes one by one, now you can save time with the help of our Promade Lashes to offer a fluffy lash line on the eyelashes. Steps like fanning or air -drying is not now required in modern eyelash extensions.

We recommend our customers choose their desired Promade Lashes to get a stunning eye look. To make the base dense, our smart lash artist takes two layers of glue to fix the underneath of the eyelashes. This process works best for strong natural eyelashes compared to weak lashes. You must store the lash in a cool place away from sunlight. They are prone to high humidity, so remember to place in on a tray until they are ready to use.

How to use the lash?

  1. Wash your hands and sanitise the tools.
  2. Take the fan and place it into your lash.
  3. Dip a single fan in a lash adhesive and apply it on your natural eyelashes.

Our rich potential helped us to earn a name all around Melbourne. We ensure to provide premium quality lashes to our trusted customers. Lssentials provides superb fans at a competitive cost compared to other lash manufacturers.

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